Sunday, 4 March 2012

Evaluation 7

 Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to full product?

This is the preliminary task that we did at the start of the course, from now and then I think I have learnt a lot of new things in the art of editing and different types of camera work (different types of angles and shots).

These freeze frames are a match on action, on the left freeze frame I am opening the door and on the right freeze frame I am coming through it, leaving the other room.

This freeze frame is also a match on action and on the left I am opening the door so there is a close up of my hand on the door handle and on right freeze frame I have entered the room.

These freeze frames show over the shoulder shots of me and Aymen Soliman.

I think I worked very well on my preliminary task I very much enjoyed working on it not only filming it trying out the new camera angles and camera shots but also editing and working with the team. I think we managed to do the over the shoulder shots very well and I think we did good on the match on action too as you can see the continuity they both flow. We were able to achieve the match on action and do the edits well on final cut express take both clips such as opening the door and entering the room and connect both clips at the right time. Also during the conversation we did not break any of the rules, we obeyed the 180 degree rule. I think since my preliminary task I have grown not only in the art of editing but also camera work, I enjoyed filming both preliminary tasks and my main film opening. 

Evaluation 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Final cut express: 

This is the software we used to edit the video clips and put together out final videos. I learnt how to add effects and cut the clips at the right places and put them in the right places with the other clips. 

We used garage band to make the sound track to our film opening, and I personally think this was a good program because there were good beats that we had to put together with other beats to make a good soundtrack, not only did it have beats you could also get sounds for certain noises that you would need in your film opening. 

Blogger is the main website we're using to upload all our work, everything that we have done since we started media studies, from the little projects that we did to the our coursework. I think this is a good way to upload your work as it is easily viewable and it's easy to find the what you want on the blog. 

Youtube is the website that we're using to upload our videos and we have to have an account to upload the videos we make. 

We used google to research about everything to find all the information we need to do our coursework.

Live type is the software we used make the titles for our credits in our film opening, this was good to use as their were a lot of options to chose from and different types of fonts and effects.

After using all these different software's and sites we had to put everything into final cut for our final video/presentation. 

To record we used various types of equipment:

To record the clips we used a Sony camcorder that was provided by our school, it was not very difficult to learn how to use the camcorder. I think this camcorder is particularly because you can stop after each shot and delete the clip if you don't like it. It was also easy to upload the clips to the computer straight into final cut. 

We used a stand for the camera so the video clip is more steady and it makes life much easier if you're going to record on the floor and you can chose certain heights, the only disadvantage would be if you where going to record from difficult positions to get the stand into.

We also used a dolly this is good for tracking shots, because you can just roll the dolly, and when you use this the shot once again is steadier.

We also used little lights so if the lighting was bad in certain places we could add an extra touch of light to make it maybe more natural or to make things be seen better.

Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

We did a lot of research before we decided who our audience is going to be, we looked at a lot of different age groups, genders peoples life styles before we came to a conclusion. We chose man on the run as our part of a thriller.

Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our media project is a thriller, so it is not suitable for all age groups and it may not attract all types o audience. It will obviously attract people who favour the thriller genre. Our film opening includes a lot of action, so some age groups are restricted to watch the movie, we have rated it a 12A so only people above 12 are allowed to watch it unless they are accompanied by an adult which widens are audience. If children who are under 12 want to watch the film this means they have to be accompanied by an adult, so it attracts more families. 

Our film is mainly targeted at young teenagers, mainly males who like to watch action thrillers.

This is Payal Brahmbhatt she is 18 years old and currently studying A-levels at Nowerhill High Sixthform. She lives in kenton, the subjects she has to do for A-levels are politics, history and psychology. She also has a part-time job at Waitrose. She very much enjoys shopping she feels that this is a good way to spend time with her friends, her favourite shops are topshop, river island, hollister, etc. She also enjoys reading novels, going to the gym she's very conscious about her health and figure. Payal is also a musician she enjoys singing I would say that she has an amazing voice, she is also part of various social networks such as twitter and facebook, she describes her self as a 'twitter addict' because she would tweet all the time.

She likes to spend time with her older sister Puja Brahmbhatt, who is currently attending Portsmouth university and due to the far distance, whenever her sister is over in London they have to spend time together. Payal is hoping to finish college this year and going to university next year she has applied to various universities such as Portsmouth, Southampton, Loughborough, etc, she has got quite a few offers too. She hopes she could go on to university and study in the psychology field, she feels that this is her strongest subject and she enjoys doing it, she feels very passionate about it. She's currently learning how to drive, she says after she passes she will get insured on her mothers car and they can both use it. 

Payal loves music, her favourite types of music are hip hop and RnB. She likes various different music artist she LOVES Drake she says he is the best rapper/singer of all times, she also likes Rihanna, Tyga, Cheryl Cole and lots more. She likes attending concerts, she says that its always good to go see the people perform because it's live. Last year she went to see Rihanna and The Wanted and this may she's going to see Drake perform. Payals always listening to music even before she goes to sleep she likes to listen to music on her way to school, she owns a pair of beats headphones because she likes to listen to her music in good quality. 

Her favourite television programme is Jersey shore she likes watching it she watches it on a regular basis, she never misses an episode. She also likes watching keeping up with the Kardashians because she likes Kim Kardashian a lot, she also likes watching the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, she says she finds it really funny. Her favourite film is transformers because she loves the special effects used and she really likes the story lines. She watched all three and says she can't wait for the fourth one to come out. 

The boy on the left is Nirujan Thillairajah, he is 18 years old and is currently studying biomedical science at Hertfordshire university. He lived at the university campus for a term but he moved back to his home in Kenton because he didn't know how to cook and is dependant on his mother to cook for him. Nirujan loves going to the gym he enjoys working out he wants to have a nice body before the summer. Nirujan likes his iPhone a lot, he is always using it 24/7 he is always on whatsapp and he enjoys playing temple run on the iPhone. Nirujan also likes driving he owns a gold Peugeot 307.

The boy on the right is Sanjeev Delipkumar, he is 20 years old and studying business at Southbank university. He lives in hatch end, he spends a lot of time with his friends and family. He also likes going to the gym, most days Nirujan would go with him, and they would work out together. Sanjeev also loves driving, he has a huge interest in cars, he is currently driving a mercedes benz.

Evaluation 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

As we made an independent film not many distributing companies would distribute our film.  The distributing companies that would most likely to distribute our film would be British distributing companies such as film4. Due to the low budget we had to use equipment and props provided by the school and we had to film in the local area. Film4 would be a good distributing company because they tend to distribute films that want to become big instead of doing it to make money, unlike big distributing companies such as Warner Brothers. 

To promote the film we could make posters and put them on buses and phone booths, we would also make a website as the key source of promotion. 

Evaluation 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?

These are 9 clips that I print screened from my film opening and put together, these clips belong to our film 'Dream Chaser' which is a thriller film that we made. We filmed from various different angles to achieve the best quality and show the film properly without breaking any of the rules. We mainly used high angles because we wanted to take it from a CCTV perspective, because this makes it more mysterious and it's like someone always watching you, which I think works very well because it's a thriller genre. There are only two characters in our film and both are portrayed well, we did not use dialogue but you can tell who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist just by looking at the costumes and facial expressions of the actors. So that we achieve this CCTV perspective we also added effects to our clips to make it blurry and we also made the clips black and white.

Frame #1

The first picture shows 'Brent Cross' shopping centre, this is the location we chose to film our film opening. This shot is an establishing shot it clearly shows the location (where its taking place and where we filmed). This picture is in black and white because its supposed to show it in a CCTV point of view. This is a high angle so you can see the the sign saying 'Brent Cross' and we chose a high angle so that people could easily identify what place it is. By using this black and white CCTV view we can see that it could be under the thriller genre because it doesn't set a happy mood, the audience may feel that its a bit mysterious and by looking at the colours they can see something 'dark' is going to happen.

Frame #2

The second credit is the name of the film director Richard Pitt, it says 'A Richard Pitt film', which shows that this film is directed by Richard Pitt, and he is one of the most important people making the film that's why his name comes before everything. Also the background is black with white writing which goes with the colour of the opening of the film, and giving it dark colours also shows the that it could come under a thriller genre. 

Frame #3

The third picture is one of the main scenes in the film opening because this is where the protagonist picks up the present for his girlfriend (a little teddy bear), and this bear is one of the main key features in this film because there is going to be some sort of confusion including the bag with the bear and maybe the antagonist. This is also and important scene because this is where the first character is introduced, this is also taken from a high angle to show that its from a CCTV point of view from inside the shop. We used a special effect to make it blurrier but we did not change the colour, because we wanted to show the colours of the clothes the protagonist is wearing and by looking at the way he is dressed we can see that he is a 'good' character, and also the location shows that he could be 'good' character as he is in a toy store to pick up a teddy bear. 

Frame #4

Next is the name of our film 'Dream Chaser' this is also an important thing, because without this we cannot identify what the film is, and every film has a name and the name of the film must be portrayed well. We used a normal font because we did not want to give away too much of the film by making the font very attractive. 

Frame #5

The fourth picture, I think is the most important picture in the entire film opening because this is where both protagonist and antagonist cross paths. This is also where our antagonist enters, we did not chose a high angle here because we wanted to show that both antagonist and protagonist have equal power. 

Frame #6

I think that this is a very good scene because it captures the elevator closing on the antagonist, and we use medium shot so that we can see the antagonist but not all of him and mainly so we can capture his facial expression while the elevator closes. Unlike when the protagonist was introduced we used a black and white effect which makes the antagonist more mysterious and because its dark we can see that this is a 'bad' person, this also fits in with the genre. Also unlike the antagonist our protagonist is wearing all black and a hat and a scarf which he could use to hide his face, he is a very shady character. The elevator closing on the antagonist is a good shot because it shows that a door is closing on him and that its a good finish. 

Frame #7

The next picture is the name of one of our main characters, the name of this character came first because if its a big named actor their names always come before everything else. Aymen Soliman is playing the role of the antagonist, this also has a black background with white text, all the fonts had to be the same for everyone. 

Frame #8

This shows the name of the producer and as the producer is very important we put his name in the middle and its larger then most people who contributed to the film. His name is also on a black background with white font so it goes with all the other ones. 

Frame #9

This is a very important shot in the whole film, because this is where the tape is dropped and our antagonist thinks that it was taken by the protagonist and so all the problems begin. we clearly show that the tape has fallen on the floor and both characters walk away from it. We achieved the shot by a high angle, we went from a long shot of the tape to a close up and you can see it zoom in each time to get a clearer view of the tape and by doing this I think it shows the importance of the tape. We also made this black and white and blurry because this has also been shown by a CCTV point of view.